​Since childhood I have been enthusiastic about visual art, and have worn my creativity like a hereditary symbol, strongly asserting my place as an artist in my family and society.



At eleven years old I moved to Salamanca with my family and started to develop an intense interest in drawing.At age sixteen began a lifelong passion for photography. Using my mother’s old analog camera, I took pictures of everything around me, but began to focus increasingly on my friends and social circles.


At 19 years old I decided to study History of Art in Salamanca. In 2008 I moved to Rome to study for a year, and upon returning to Spain the following year I won my first photography competition. I graduated in 2009, and decided to increase and intensify my academic and professional interest in photography, enrolling in the “Master of Visual Media Design: photography” program in ELISAVA Design School of Barcelona in 2010. I kept the contemporary Art world in my sights, as I won a major grant to study and complete another Master’s program in Granada the following year.


Through my career, my photographs have been used as album covers, local magazines and film magazines. I have also worked as an accredited photographer in Film Festivals,Fashion Weeks and has illustrated photographic journals In these last years. I have been working in two different studios in London increasing my knowledge and learning new things.I´m based in London and Barcelona but I´m more than happy to travel around the world to shoot and catch that moment.


My style has changed much since I began my work in photography, with a focus shifting more and more towards fashion and lifestyle ,but always looking for that moment that make us unique in the shape of a smile,a look,an expression,a position....and always having fun in my shoots.



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